give new life or vigor to your brand and marketing presence online
Google Definitions, with a revivified take

With consumer behavior changing as technology advances, many businesses are left with less than stellar marketing plans. Navigating through the transition from traditional media to digital is where our expertise is. With less people coming to your business through the front doors and increasingly through search and social media, website design and marketing online done effectively are more critical than ever. Founded in 2009 by Kevin Hansen, Revivify Marketing benefits from years of experience in multiple forms of marketing to bring together a well-branded and strong online presence for businesses.

In recent years especially, businesses relying on traditional TV, radio, newspaper, billboards, yellow pages, etc. have noticed their marketing efforts are falling flat. As marketing geeks who value results over mediums of marketing, our purpose is to do exactly what our name means for businesses.

Our expertise in revivifying businesses includes online marketing (SEO, PPC, Social Media, etc), website design, graphic design, branding/logo design, and ecommerce development.

Whether your business needs a little something extra to improve its online presence or you’re just starting out online, we provide custom approaches and strategies based on your goals, industry, and target audience.

“In order for your business to succeed, you can’t just keep renewing marketing from the past and not look to shifts in consumer behavior. A business that lasts, evolves and innovates. It doesn’t just follow change – it drives it!”

Kevin Hansen, Owner

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