Building a website that meets the needs of your businesses and appeals to your online traffic is vital in succeeding online. Revivify Marketing combines years of experience in branding, design, web development and online marketing in establishing a website for your business that will not only have a focus on converting online traffic, but also a strong foundation for online marketing.

With a WordPress site built with online marketing in mind, your site will be ready to promote in your search engine optimization, pay-per-click, social media marketing and other efforts. Why build in WordPress? Above other content management solutions, WordPress offers your business an expandable website with the ability to track online success, sell products, capture leads, and tie into the various forms of social media that impact your business.

As more and more consumers are turning to the internet for information, establishing a strong online presence is increasingly essential to any business with hopes of growing. Having a modern, clean look and feel on your website – from content, images, logo to layout – that is current with browsers and devices visitors are using gives your company more credibility, more trust and a higher potential of getting their business!

Website Design

Clean. Modern. Responsive. These are words often used in describing how a website should be designed in order to be most effective. There is definitely truth to the theory of Less is More when it comes to design elements in a website. In discussing your online goals, we’ll help determine the primary, secondary and tertiary purpooses behind your website and give each the proper amount of balance while creating a website that doesn’t just reflect your brand, but also lays a foundation for optimal user experience and conversions.

Website Development

Making a website look good is just the tip of the iceberg. How a site is developed makes the greatest difference for your business in that its functions meet not just the demands of your business, but also the various oustide influences. A few crucial factors often overlooked in website development are cross browser compatability, site responsiveness for devices, and building in a strong foundation for online marketing. Hosting, security, site speed, and other considerations need to be taken into account. Once a site is newly built or re-built, it has the opportunity to make an impression on the search engines, and a bad one can take quite some time to recover from. A properly structured and programmed website will make a good impression.

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