$599.00 / month

  • Local Citations
  • Google My Business Optimization
  • Facebook Business Page Optimization
  • Monthly Social Links
  • Social Media Boosting (up to $500/mo – paid additionally to platform)
  • 3 Google/YouTube Paid Marketing Campaigns(up to $1,000/mo – paid additionally to platform)
  • Onsite Optimization – 6 Pages/Posts Monthly
  • Review Generation Strategy
  • Review Management Platform with Competitive Review Analysis and Review Campaigns
  • Google Analytics / Google Search Console / Google AdWords
  • Monthly + In-Depth Quarterly Reports

Month-to-Month Subscription



Revivify your marketing by more strategic local SEO campaigns to reach your target audience. Don’t just reach those searching in the moment, expand brand recognition and continue engaging the tire kickers with social media and Google/YouTube ads. Using search history, demographics, and behavior metrics, these ads will help generate the brand awareness and calls-to-action once depended on from traditional media sources. Based on services/products, this includes managing 3 AdWords campaigns which include a mix of text and image ads (design included in budget), A/B testing, and continuous improvements based on monthly reports and outcomes. Additional AdWords Campaigns to manage are $45/ea (click here to add more to your subscription).

Review Management at the next level with review generation campaigns, review response capability, and competitive review analysis. Word-of-mouth has great power in influencing consumers, and online reviews are putting WOM on steroids.

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