This year, I want to shake things up a little while participating with Dancing with the Idaho Falls Stars for the Relay for Life of Idaho Falls kick-off event. (see the Facebook Event here.) The last three years, I danced a pretty technically straight version of the Jive, Samba and Cha-Cha. I still don’t know what dance I’m doing this year – I’ll find out on Monday, February 16th, but I want to give my supporters the option to pick a couple dance moves for me to work into the dance with my dance partner.

I’m not asking for a ton of money from you individually. Just contribute at least $5 by completing the form below, and then choose the dance move you want to see me throw into whatever dance I get assigned. If I get to over $500 donated before Tuesday, February 17th, I’ll do the top two voted on dance moves!!! If I reach my goal of $1,000 by then, I’ll work in the top three voted on dance moves.

I’m giving you a chance to support a great cause and make me do a dance move of your choice. Go ahead! Give me a Michael Jackson move. Choose from dance skills of Kevin James on Hitched. Pick a move from Napoleon Dynamite… Go for a classic ballet pirouette. Hammer time. The Sprinkler. Funky Chicken.

While it’s always best to watch this happen in person, and watching all the other dancers there, too, I will have this recorded and share it on YouTube, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+ and on the company website so you are certain to have an opportunity to see it. We could also discuss a donation amount that would keep me from putting the video up for all to see…

After you donate, you’ll be provided a link to vote on the dance move!

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All funds collected will be contributed to Relay for Life through the Dancing with the Idaho Falls Stars Kick-off Event. Revivify will cover the costs of online transaction fees to ensure 100% of your donation goes to Relay for Life.

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