mobile-friendly marketing2017 is not just any other year for your business. With dramatic shifts in consumer behavior, this is the year companies need to either finally get their business online or greatly improve their online presence. Phone books are being left on the curb (until trash day) at more and more homes as search increases via smartphones. Newspaper subscriptions are dropping as the convenience and instantaneous feeds of online news sources take over. And, traditional TV viewing continues dipping as online video viewership increases with YouTube, network website streaming, and other video streaming sources.

Simply getting a website isn’t going to be enough, though. As you take the valuable marketing budget from traditional media and begin investing in digital marketing, these are key components to a foundation of success online:

  • Smartphones

    With consumer behavior making smart phones a powerful source of increasing your business, having a truly Mobile-Friendly website not only keeps visitors from bouncing (leaving), but also increases likelihood they convert on your website.

  • Search

    Having a properly optimized website – a truly continuous process – and citations (name, address, phone, URL, etc), along with AdWords/PPC and Content strategies create opportunities to increase the potential your website appears when your industry is being searched.

  • Social Media

    The modern word-of-mouth. The appropriate mix of social media can greatly improve brand awareness, customer retention, and referrals.

  • Speed

    We’re 20 years beyond the days of dial-up internet, folks. If your site takes longer than 5-6 seconds, the rate of visitors bouncing from your site increases greatly. This costs you a great deal of traffic. In contrast, with just a 1 second speed improvement, you can experience as much as a 27% increase in conversion!

  • BONUS WORD: Security

    This isn’t just about protecting your customer’s data. Keeping your website up-to-date and secure prevents minor to major issues from occurring on your site. Site hacks can create costly downtime for your website if not addressed quickly – or, most ideally, prevented.

Advances in technology and shifts in consumer behavior have made bringing your business into the digital world not only easier, but more crucial than ever before. We’d love to provide you with a FREE Consultation and evaluation of your company’s online presence, with suggestions of how to make your website more mobile-friendly and effective online!

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