With all the videos that get hundreds, thousands and even millions of views online, many businesses work on feeble attempts to get one out there that will have the ability to go viral. Unfortunately, even the best planned out videos might lack the ability to draw a high volume of views. In those that have been successful, there seems to be a short list of elements/tactics found. Any combination of which has a higher tendency toward success. (Note: I’m not referring to anything other than videos that are purely for the purpose of promoting a business or product.)

Here are a few of my favorites. See if you can figure out what might have lead to their success:



And for “dirty seconds” (pun intended) – Only, this video has a difficult time, like many sequels do, in coming up with an actual end to the video.


Nolan’s Cheddar Cheese doesn’t exist, but reading the About section on YouTube directs you to the website of the man who made the video.

And, KMart – seemingly on life support as far as retail businesses go – drew quite a bit of attention from this online commercial:

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